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Friday, 7 August 2020

E-news: Yemi Alade celebrates 'True Love' with pulsating pop gem

African pop diva Yemi Alade soars to new heights, commanding positivity with "True Love," a Vtek-produced tribal dance anthem which serves as the second single from her forthcoming fifth studio album.
Yemi Alade - True Love
Yemi Alade - True Love
After the urban-influenced tune "Boyz," Yemi Alade comes blazing with her towering vocals and a pulsating guitar-driven instrumentation singing; "I can feel it in my bassline, feel in my soul, I can feel in my liver, from my head down to my toes" before returning to the triumphant chorus preaching happiness, joy, and dancing in the rain of true love.

"True Love" is a true African pop gem, and sets the throne for the successor of "Woman of Steel."

Notable Lyrics

DJ play that happy music
Make them play that happy music
Wan forgetti my sorrow and sing along
Make we play the happy music
Wan forgetti my sorrows
Make the people sing along
Leave negativity for back
As yayaya nanan Ah yayayya nanan
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