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E-News: Kaduna Based Producer “Emmdizzle” Reminds me of Davido Adeleke – Jeffrey Ngbede Adikwu.

Abuja base OAP Jeffrey Ngbede Adikwu popularly known as Sir Jay took to his official facebook page to say Kaduna Base music producer “Emmdizzle” CEO Legendary Team Music reminds him of Davido Adeleke.

Read what he posted below...

One Kaduna entertainer I respect so much is Emmdizzle Audu, he so much reminds me of Davido Adeleke, in the sense that he carries others along, I have known this guy for some years now and he just amazes me all the time. The way he draws people closer and wants them to learn. Whenever you go to his studios, it’s always filled up with young guys who are learning how to produce. Even in the middle of the night you will see lots of artistes and producers crashing over at his studios and he never complains. He cooks and they all eat together and what surprises me is how he is so free with them, they play like mates, and he teaches them respect and dignity.

Emdy bigger u I pray man, I respect you to the bone

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