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Meet Osazee Ehiorobo, Initiator of Zeesolute Fashion and Music

Osazee Ehiorobo is an investor, Fashion designer , entrepreneur and initiator of Zeesolute Fashion and Music , A hub that has loves helping people plan, promote and launch themselves in the area of Music and Fashion. Such as Zee Studios and Zeesolute respectively.

Qualifications: National diploma (Statistics), Higher diploma and graduate diploma, Association of Business executive, UK(Financial management).
BSC Financial Management and entrepreneurship(University of Cape Coast, Ghana)

What You Need To Know About Osazee Ehiorobo, Initiator of Zeesolute Fashion and Music

Name: Ehiorobo Matthew Osazee

Stage Name; Zeesolute

Complexion: Black

Age: 30

Nationality: Nigerian

Beliefs and Norms: God is Ultimate and Do good

Favorite Color: Blue , Black, white

Favorite food: Fried yam and Ghanaian shito sauce

Origin: Orhiowon LGA ,

State: Edo State

Hobbies: listening to music , traveling and cooking

Dislikes: Too much Loudness and insincerity

Future Expectations : To succeed and to give back to environment where I operate... 

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