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Friday, 14 December 2018

Guys Get In Here!! Want To Make That Lady Yours Forever? Here Are The 4 Things You Should Never Do

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She is a cheating wife, may be because of one thing or the other you did.
There are certain things that can make her do so. Sometimes there are things you do ignorantly not minding how it affects your wife, may be to you as a man is normal but to her your wife it is not.
Those things are things you need to observe and deal with before it is too late. she is not happy been a cheating on you, she want to be honest and faithful but sometimes thins you do deprive her from changing.

1. Lack of Attention

She might be a cheating wife because your level of attention is 20 or 30% towards her.
A woman always values her husbands attention more than anything, so you as her husband suppose to give her all the maximum of attention she needed.
no level of attention you give to your wife is too much.
giving her attention no matter what she does, it will always makes her not to do anything without letting you know about it.
bet me, she will tell you every of her move anytime any day because you are always there to listen to her.

2. Lack Of Trust

Your wife needs you to trust her but when you as her husband find it hard to trust her, you will see that she will easily fall into temptation of some men trying to blackmail her.
But if there is trust in your marriage, she will tell you number of men that approach her and her answers to them and through that you will give her some advice on how to conquer the temptation.
You as her husband will see that she will not hide anything even her phone cell phone from you because she knew that you trust her very much and from there you will know when things started to change and immediately correct it.

3. In-Satisfaction of sex

This one is one of the major thing that easily makes her a cheating wife.
So you as a husband needs to understand your wife needs you to satisfy her sexual desires, even if you as her husband is already satisfied or tired, try to make sure that your wife too is also satisfied at that particular time she need it.
with that you will found out that she will never think of comparing you with another man.
She will always scream your name anytime both of you are into it. good satisfaction of sex in marriage will always make your wife not to even think of looking into any man’s eyes except you.

4. Unfriendly

Sometimes women needs a man that is friendly not a man that is unfriendly.
if you as a man finds it hard to play with your wife, crack some jokes with her, even go to some events, swimming, as well as sharing your feelings with your wife then know that you are making a big mistake.
How many time have you as a husband played and go to events with your wife, as well as sit together to share your feelings with her.
you see that you are the one making her to be a cheating wife because if she seek that from you and was unable to find it, she will begin to have hunger for it.
In the process she may meet someone else that can do it for her, note it that you have lost her, because she will constantly.

We hope this is helpful….

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