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Album: BOC Madaki – Allah Ya Tsare [ZIP]

B.o.C Madaki’s new album ‘Allah Ya Tsare‘ mostly talks more of his personal experience in life while growing up and his music career from the start to now. The tracks in the new album include:
1. Rites of Passage
2. Idan da Rai (ft. C Man)
3. Katako (ft. Idreal)
4. Material
5. Wa Ya Sani
6. Yaya Dai (ft. Kahli Abdu)
7. Allah Ya Tsare.


Rites of Passage                              DOWNLOAD
Idan da Rai (ft. C Man)                 DOWNLOAD
Katako (ft. Idreal)                          DOWNLOAD
Material                                           DOWNLOAD
Wa Ya Sani                                     DOWNLOAD
Yaya Dai (ft. Kahli Abdu)            DOWNLOAD
Allah Ya Tsare                               DOWNLOAD

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