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The single GumBody by Mr Charis produced by Ace producer Stevjazzbeats Dropped on this Platform Last week Saturday and Since then it has received good comments from Fans of good music out there, if you haven’t Listened to this song yet then Maybe you probably have been looking for good reasons to well here are some..
Below are our  Analysis of the Just Released Hit Track Gum body;

CONTENT: I don’t Generally reckon it a good idea to go back to a post I already published no matter how interesting it may be but GumBody By Mr Charis and Ace Producer stevjazzbeats is quite Unique & appealing to the ears and mind of any good music Fan.

RHYTHM: the systematic arrangements of this musical sounds and the measured flow of words and phrases in the verses are pleasing to the ears I must say! It has a Good rhythm.

MELODY : is referred to as tune,  in other words a sequence of single notes that is musically satisfying. Stevjazzbeats picked out an intricate melody on this song accompanied by Mr Charis's sweet vocal flavor.

You can download Gum Body by Mr Charis Here

LYRICS: The Good lyrics crowd everything up as the lyrics of the song is expressing Mr Charis's Emotions to a particular person.

DELIVERY: The style and combination of letters to words used adequately in the song gives birth to a simple Afro Hip hop Love song which sends a Message of Love & Emotions as stated above.

FLOW: The song has a steady and continuous pattern which gives it a calm,  Loving and peaceful Feeling.

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