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Saturday, 4 August 2018

[NEWS] Why 2baba's 'Amaka' is the best song you will listen to this year

2face Idibia's latest single, 'Amaka' is the hottest song in the country at the moment and we try to unravel why.

Come end of the year, when it is time for awards and honours, 2face Idibia's 'Amaka' featuring Peruzzi will emerge in the pick of the best song you have listened to this year. 

On my way home, Thursday, July 3rd, after a pretty long day, I slumped in my corner in the bus, plugged in my earpiece to browse through local radio stations (old habit), and just lose myself in my thoughts.

As I tuned to the first station, the song that was playing was 2face Idibia's 'Amaka' with DMW's Peruzzi, and just as the song played to its end, I skipped to another station and it was the same song being introduced by the OAP, so I stopped fiddling with the dial for a moment to enjoy a double dose of this spiritual tune.

Then a higher sound overshadowed mine and interrupted my haven, the driver had turned up the volume, but just as I was about to pass a complaint, behold, it was 'Amaka' playing again, this time on a different station.

Like a wise veteran artist once said, the first time he knew he had made it big in music, was the day his song got played over 4 times simultaneously across different radio stations.

In his over 2 decades long career, 2Baba has scored yet another hit song that epitomises his growth, his ability to evolve and his comprehension of time and trend.

'Amaka' is not 2face at his lyrical best, nor the conscious cloak his music constantly puts up, Amaka is also not 2face stealing the heart of ladies with his love ballads, the song is simply everything plus more.

'Amaka' tells the everyday story of the average Nigerian guy, a tale of 'been there, done that', it is as relatable as it is revitalising, and its organic growth has made it inescapable and straight in your face everywhere you turn.

How do you go wrong, when your opening line is as honest and expressive as, 'I like woman, I dey straightforward'?

Delivered in a mix of English, Pidgin and Ibibio languages, a new chant is born as everyone now sings, ''Amaka disappoint me'' as an expression of their own experiences.

For Odion, who says he can't get enough of the song, ''I like the song because of the realness of the lyrics and how playful it is, there is plenty humour attached to it.''

While David Adeleke thinks, ''This is one of those songs that even when you don't know why you do, you find yourself liking it.''

The song was released in June and since then it has hit over 1.7M views on Youtube and sits comfortably atop a number of charts nationwide.

'Amaka' is equal parts storytelling, equal parts comical, but generally enchanting, making it the most perfect anthem for everyone.

The song's acceptance is not just down to its simplicity or relatability, Amaka is actually a well crafted piece of music, that paid attention to key details, layered melodies and catchy chorus.

While the lyrics are the most telling elements of the song, the melody and progression cannot also be understated, as it all adds up to provide the right elements in why the song is easily loved.

On a technical level, music enthusiast, Motolani identifies the brilliance of the producer Speroach, the same person responsible for Davido's 'Assurance', ''Speroach killed it with the beat,'' he says.

It had a kick which was not too loud but efficient, I also love the verses and Peruzzi won my heart.''

'Amaka' is also a reflection of our society, as in the verses, they both allude to having to buy diesel for their generators, a pointer to the state of power in the nation, and the influence of social media in our lives. 

So how did 'Amaka' weave its magic?

To have the whole country singing along to your song is not something that happens by chance, but an act that takes place by understanding the audience and their emotions.

'Amaka' appeals to every one of us in its own unique way, for the young lady, who has had to skip a planned date or the young guy who had to put his house in order in expectation of the girl who never showed up.

'Amaka' does not exactly offer something new to the pop scene, but it doesn't sound like anything you hear every day.

While the music may be comical and light-hearted, the lyrics are vibrant and sincere. Amidst all these, the blend of 2face's familiar vocals with that of the ridiculously gifted Peruzzi, who swoons with his voice makes it the perfect soundtrack of our lives.

So a combination of smooth instrumentals, steady progression through alternate verses, the right melody and upfront approach to vocals creates a right mix for one of the finest songs that the Nigerian music industry has offered in 2018, and there have been a solid number of them.

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