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Monday, 13 August 2018

[NEWS] Guidelines for 2018 Kaduna Entertainment Awards, The (KEAAWARDS)

[NEWS] Guidelines for 2018 Kaduna Entertainment Awards, The (KEAAWARDS. 

The Kaduna Entertainment Awards (THEKEAAWARDS) is coming up stronger this time and here are a few things you need to know before submission
Please be informed that only original songs would be considered for Kaduna Entertainment Awards #Thekeaawards2018. If you use someone's beats/instrumentals/soundtrack originally meant for his/her song or if you use a free beat/instrumentals/soundtrack downloaded online, your nomination would automatically be trashed/deleted.
And also if you submit a photo that you captured using your phone or non-quality device, your submission would automatically be invalid.
All we ask from you is:
-your songs must be
1. Played on Radio and Radio Shows, making it to Radio top chart will be a plus,
2. on popular music blogs in the country.
3. Qualified songs for nomination must have been released in the year in review (October 2017- September 2018)
- To submit your own song; the beat/instrumentals/soundtrack must be produced purposely for your song.
- Indicate the name of the beat maker/producer
- Send 3 digital photos which you captured from a photo studio
4. For entertainment blogs: If an entertainment blog must obtain a nomination, it must have existed for not less than 6 months.
PLEASE NOTE: that submission is not an automatic nomination.
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Christiana Adun Adeyemi

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