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Saturday, 4 August 2018

Bet9ja Account – How To Open Bet9ja Online Account | Fund Bet9ja Account

bet9ja online account-bet9ja account- lovers of Football all over the world can now ignite their passion for football and use the opportunity to make a lot of money from it. this is the right time to achieve this milestone by opening an account with today, Bet9ja since launch has become the number sports company in Nigeria.
The Bet9ja online sports company by its theory covers all kind of major sports around Europe and beyond. Meanwhile, do not watch the football matches only, you also have a big opportunity of making a huge amount of money from them.
bet9ja online account, there are a lot of Bet9ja outlets across every hook and corner of the country. Hardly will you walk a long distance without seeing any Bet9ja shop around where you can stake your games. notwithstanding the availability of these outlets, it may take you a lot of time to stake your game and you might end up not doing that.
That’s because they are lots of people patronising them on daily basis. Worst still, most of these outlets focus on the visual games. Therefore, To spare yourself such stress and hassles is to open your own online account with them. It serves you better and at your own convenience. You can stake your games online and get your payment. Here are the benefits of having an online Bet9ja account.

Unique Features Of Bet9ja Online Account

♦ The online account is the amount and very easy to operate. that’s to say you need not to carry your money anytime you want to play your game and walking around just to be able to get where is free to play your game.
♦ it is always very easy to fund your account online and get your payment on all winnings online, it helps reduce the rate of fraudulent activities associated with these outlets. This is means that whenever there is a huge winning, some of these operators might tamper with the money and your money might not get to you again.
♦ The website is trusted and very reliable. It pays a maximum of N40 million naira per ticket. So, you should be rest assured of getting your money whenever you have a winning on your that.
♦ The odds are always very high and they have the best multiple options that you can readily choose from.
♦ be sure to Enjoy 100%  bonus on your registration, when you create your Bet9ja account.
♦ With the online account, you have the option of cashing out when one game spoils the ticket. Or you can read the cash out policies here for more details.
Now that we have provided you with a brief highlight of the benefits of having a bet9ja account, let’s now go to the simple steps on taking order to register an online account with Bet9ja.

Simple Steps To Create Bet9ja Account Online

♦ first step to take is by going to the website – Or use this link here as an alternative to going directly to the account registration page.
♦ Then when the application form loads out, then you click on the register now button to begin the simple process.
♦ Make sure you finish all the fields that have asterisks in red colour.
♦ Enter all the required information there and make a choice to receive notifications or not.
♦ Meanwhile, you should make sure to confirm that you are 18 years and above. This is because you are prohibited from opening an account when you are less than 18 years as any winnings will be considered invalid.
♦ Afterwards, you will take your time and read the terms and condition. Don’t just accept the terms and conditions without going through them.
♦ Finally hit the register button to finish up the registration process. Then go to your email address to verify your account. you can go through the link to verify your account. That’s all the steps you need. Go straight and fund your account and make more money.
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How To Fund Bet9ja Account Using ATM

All you need to carry out this process is your bet9ja user ID and your ATM card. The user ID is located at the right top corner whenever you login into your account. The user Id is in figures and not your username.
♦ Kindly go to an ATM that accepts Quickteller/Interswitch.
♦ Then slot in your card and enter your 4 digits pin.
♦ choose the pay bills option or Quickteller. The option might differ because of the ATM.
♦ Then select the kind of account that you operate either savings or current/credit.
♦ Then choose the “pay merchant “ option or “others” depending on the ATM.
♦ Then enter the merchant code of bet9ja which is 04226901.
♦ Thereafter, enter the unique user ID that you copied from the website homepage.
♦ Enter the amount that you wish to deposit.
♦ Input your phone number and tap proceed.
♦ A confirmation will enter your name, that the payment is successful.

How To Fund Your Account Via Debit Card(Webpay)

♦ Login into your bet9ja online account with your username and your password.
♦ Then go straight to my account at the top right corner and tap on deposit.
Bet9ja Account
♦ Then select the cards “instant deposit option”.
Bet9ja Account
♦ Enter the specific amount that you wish to deposit and click on enter.
Bet9ja Account
♦ Then confirm that the amount is correct by clicking on “confirm”.
Bet9ja Account
♦ Then enter your login details and your ATM card details below.
Bet9ja Account

♦ Then wait for the payment to be confirmed. You can check the transaction status by click on the transaction list under my account menu.
Bet9ja Account

Hope we gave you what you were looking for, However, if you have any kind of questions and suggestions, please comment on the comment box below. We value your opinions. Don’t forget to help us share this post with your friends using the social media button below to help them register their account successfully without errors


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