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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Actor JIM IYKE denies reports of arrest at airport

Contrary to reports going around that he was arrested, the actor has come out the debunk the claims.

Jim Iyke has come out to deny the reports going around that he was arrested at the airport.

In a telephone conversation with PULSE, the talented actor said he was shocked by the news filtering the air about his arrest. According to him, he only had a delayed flight and was only being escorted by his two personal assistants and police escort.
"I am surprised at this news. I am presently seating at the Dana Air office about to board my flight. I missed my flight and when I got to the airport, I wanted to try and see if I could make it because the plane hadn't gone, they even tried speaking to the pilot but it was late. They had to put me on the next flight.
Jim Iykeplay
Jim Iyke

"My sister just called me to ask this same question because she said her old school friend called her and told she heard about my arrest. I have been at the airport for two hours. I don't know why people will come up with stories like this," he said.
Jim Iyke wants to become biggest service networking providerplay
Jim Iyke has established a service networking company with an app that will provide handyman from the plumber to the  nurse, for end users.

This is coming after some blog posted a video online with a caption saying that the actor was arrested at the airport for slapping a staff of an airline. Jim Iyke as we all know isn't one of those actors who has been known to be physically violent but isn't all that nice when it comes to throwing jabs at nosy followers on social media.

Jim Iyke says he won't stop calling out people who throw jabs at him online

Jim Iykeplay
Jim Iyke

Let's just say if you think Jim Iyke is that celebrity you can throw jabs at and go scot-free then have a rethink because the actor said he would not relent to call you out. The talented actor made this known while granting an exclusive interview with PULSE. He was asked why he fights back dirty when people throw jabs at him online and the actor gave a calculative analysis (Lol) of why he does that.
"I am not in competition with anybody and I can’t remember last time I looked left or right and that is why I’ extremely disagreeable if you come into my space and try to insult me or abuse my intellect and a lot of people say he’s a little bit of a savage or extreme but no, before you came into my space, before you wrote what you wrote, it took time, it went through a process, so when I cut you out, you should understand that every action gets a double reaction.
Jim Iyke, the fashion godplay
Jim Iyke, the fashion god
 (Instagram/Jim Iyke)

"Mine is like a law of physics, don’t think you can come into my space and expect an opposite or equal reaction, no I would give you a triple reaction because you had no business coming here and it’s a total abuse of my fundamental rights for coming into my space," he said.
He went on to appeal to fans who feel like calling him out to take to popular blogging sites to air their opinions rather than invade his personal page

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