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Monday, 23 July 2018


My challenges as a comedian is
My size, and the fact that I’m young. When I started, people would look at me and think, “this boy thinks its child’s play, how come a boy of this stature and age wants to crack jokes”. My stature was very challenging for me but I do tell people not to judge books by their cover.

 It’s not been easy but I’m making sure I don’t compete with anybody. All I need to do is to rehearse more and focus on my craft, if competition comes you face it.

 There are two memorable events for me; I was at an event where I was not supposed to perform and I had just gone there to enjoy myself. All of a sudden, the sound went off and nobody wanted to go up stage without a microphone. So after a while, I met the event planner to find out what the problem was. Discovering that the sound would be out for a while, I went on stage acting like Mr Bean, the mounted the drum set beat it to get attention. Then I signaled to the event planner and he said I could continue and before I realised what was going on, I had spent more than 45 minutes on stage without a microphone. Around me, people were laughing and that is very risky because if I wasn’t funny at that point, people would be disappointed and so, I was able to save that show without a microphone. Imagine nobody on stage for 45 minutes! The audience would have left and you know how big the Muson Centre is. I was able to arrest everybody’s attention and I got a standing ovation from everybody in that hall. The second one was an event where there were only three slots for comedians and the program was almost ending. Most of the audience wanted music and dance but the organisers called one of the performing artist and me without anybody introducing me or lights coming on. Immediately I got on stage, everybody started shouting ‘Mc Coboco’. It was an amazing moment for me.

 And today,  this is where it has got me to

Appreciation to my fans, it is you who have raised me to a greater height.

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