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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Fun Things About Arewa Nigeria

Quite a number of Nigerians have a negative perception about Nigerians from the South have about Northern Nigeria. Nevertheless, there are some things that they do not know about these people. Jumia Travel, Nigeria’s no 1 hotel booking portal, rounds up some fun things about Northern Nigeria.

They have wonderful tourist attractions
From the Palace of the Emir of Kano to the Kano City, Kajuru Castle, the Chappal Waddi in Taraba, and Yankari Games Reserve and much more, Northern Nigeria is blessed with so many exciting tourist destinations. In fact, if you want the perfect getaway, we recommend Northern Nigeria.

When you see a Northern Nigerian man, he is always with his transistor radio. With this radio, he keeps up with the latest news development. Hence, if you still think the Hausa man in your neighbourhood is an information illiterate, you better shelve that thought.

On the streets of Lagos, it is the Hausa man that is willing to do ‘anything’ to survive as far as it is legal. They are the cobblers, they own small kiosk to complement their jobs as a security guard and are ready to do menial jobs in a bid to continue existing. In fact, they are the unofficial Bureau De Change of many Nigerians. In addition, they offer the best Kilishi and Suya.

They are not Boko Haram members
Many Hausas have been tagged Boko Haram members even though they do not have any link with the militant organization.

They are very hospitable
Northerners are naturally hospitable and friendly. They welcome you with open arms and of course, they can house and feed you for free. In fact, life in the North is very peaceful unlike what we read and hear.


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