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As some of you may know, sometime last year Jesse Jagz and Vector came together and made a mixtape of “Shook Ones” which was originally released by Mobb Deep in 1994. The idea behind this was to infuse the “New age” rap with a 90’s instrumental. And also to give the listener a “Whoooah… It’s been a while” kind of feeling.
Basically, that’s what Mekka and Ekko did on this track. They took up the instrumental of ‘Ready Or Not’ the 1996 record which was originally performed by Fugees, only difference is, they gave it a “wow” effect.
According to Ekko, “The whole thing started when Mekka dropped a killer verse on the beat, i couldn’t help but to be a part of it. He is an extraordinary talent, personally he is one of the best rappers i have ever met, i couldn’t have been happier doing this with anyone else.”
Mekka also said… “We’ve both been quiet for a minute now, this is just an appetizer for the fans, I had mad verse, Ekko came with another mad verse and we did it for the culture. More music is coming!”. The song was mixed and mastered by Dreyga (who else).

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