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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Thorns and Cracks by WAJEH MAUREEN AMAYA


At times we feel we've been stripped of our garments.
Cause those we think are there to protect us are gone.
The initial plan was to always feel loved and to always be loved,but the gong changed it sound.
We get hurt by our loved ones.
The flowers we nurtured have thorns which pierce our hearts
"crushed emotions "
"bruised hearts"
"wild thoughts"
"red hearts broken "
"hearts shattered"
It was love at first sight but the eye saw of those hips, breasts, butts and the entire you changed the whole perspective.
Darling I hope you get to know of my craving for you someday,and hopefully by then am gone,leaving you with thorns and cracks all over the Red heart.

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