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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Exclusive: Every institution in the North should expect their own tour- Says Rolex Tingon

Arewaconnect24😎: You're welcome to Arewaconnect24 house, Tell our readers who you are and what you do?

Rollex: My name is Alpha Tingon also known as Rolex Tingon a show promoter, pioneer Arewa Campus Connect and C.E.O Kasu's very own (KVO).

Arewaconnect24😎: Speaking of Arewa Campus Connect. Can you discuss in summary what it is all about?

Rollex: Arewa Campus Connect is a joint initiative by Student's rep, N.G.O's and other Entertainment Bodies from Various Versities Within Arewa, to help Promote Unity and Creating an Environment for Networking for Individuals to share their Talents and promote their businesses.
Arewa Campus Connect aims at Creating an Easy Platform for Students to Showcase their Various talents in Either Music, modeling, Songwriting, Poetry, Spoken Words and Other Crafts through which Campuses within Arewa And all Companies or institutions can partner to Create an Environment For Competitiveness. Every Craft From Every institution is highly Acceptable and this Opportunity Will Lead to talent growth.

Arewaconnect24😎: Okay nice, So With the recent improvements in our Kaduna industry how has it been so far with the competition?

Rollex: I will say the industry is not the way it use to be 2 years ago 2017 has really been favourable to the industry talking about the competition its has contributed a lot in the sense that it has woken a lot of entertainers in the industry.

Arewaconnect24😎: Speaking of arewa campus connect everywhere in kaduna, well this name is gently pushing and becoming a brand in the north, tell us what inspired you to start up and what or who was the brain behind arewa campus connect?

Rollex: Arewa campus connect came into existence 2-February-2016 . It was as a result of lack of unity and mutual relationship amongst the institutions in the North that brought about this initiative the AREWA which symbolises North and the CAMPUS which are the institutions in the North and the CONNECT which is bringing together of this various institutions brought about the name AREWA CAMPUS CONNECT. I will say God is the brain behind this movement but will not have been successful without great minds like Solomon Maikori, Kel Cypha as we all call him, Virginia shagaya and Joan Tingon.

Arewaconnect24😎: What's your a-ha moment, that point you knew that your venture might actually become a success?

Rollex: The love and support we have been getting and also when we got our patron in person of Mrs Deborah Ishaya (State President National council of women society Kaduna state).

Arewaconnect24😎: Where do you see this movement going to in the next five years?

Rollex: Wow!! I reserve that question till then...

Arewaconnect24😎: (laughing) Tell us 3 things you like and 3 things you dislike about your current position, and the challenges you've faced so far?

Rollex: I guess we all know how tough it is when you are shouldered with responsibilities it really hasn't been easy but with team work it is easy.

Arewaconnect24😎: How many campuses have you covered, which are remaining, and tell us which campus is next and the one after?

Rollex: We have gone to 8 institutions on survey, distributed over 100 free Arewa Campus Connect shirts, we officially kicked off an awareness tour which took place in Kaduna state university with gathering of over 400 students from various universities across the North our next location will be Kaduna cooperative college 26-January-2018 ,Kafanchang, Zaria, Kano,  Jos, Bauchi, Nassarawa, Sokoto, and every institution in the North should anticipate her own Tour.

Arewaconnect24😎: Tell your fans, students, and new followers anything new they don't know about arewa campus connect

Rollex: We appreciate your love and support  for  enquiries and information u can follow us

Arewa campus connect



Arewaconnect24😎: Thank you for coming over for the interview we hope to see you soon, before you go can you tell everyone what you like about our brand Arewaconnect24?

Rollex: We are honoured. Arewaconnect24 is one platform you all need watch out for we also are seeing your good works keep it up.

Arewaconnect24😎: Thank you for your time once again.

Rollex: Bless sir.

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