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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Press Release of Call on Me by Tjsarx

Life comes easy and sometimes hard, for me I'm gonna say it's just in between. My name is Timi John Aiyedogbon popularly known as Tjsarx, I am a singer and a saxophonist who loves to inspire people through my music an example is BE URSELF which speaks about one been who they are no matter the situation and "Never give up" which speaks about persistence and determination.. I've heard so many testimonies about my song like "when someone didn't commit suicide just because of listening to my song" this gives me the drive to continue. Though it hasn't been easy, I'm happy I make waves daily.. I've won competitions and also received awards because of my art and work. I love Adekunle Gold. 
The song "Call On Me" by Adekunlegold is a love song about giving someone an assurance of reliance of availability.. And I decided to do a sax cover for it because it is a message I like to be passed among people. I basically played a few pentatonic scales and a chromatic scale to increase the melody.. Enjoy!!!

Contact me at [email protected]
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