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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Things you don't know about Falz the Bahd guy

1. He has a shy personality in reality. According to Falz, he's not very comfortable in the spotlight under the prying eyes of the press. Instead, he uses an alter ego " UncleTaju" who is the bolder and crazy him on stage.

2. Right from his teenage days, Falz always had a passion for acting and no wonder he did a very fantastic job as one of the major characters in Funke Akindele's "Jenifa's Diary" series.

3. The name "Falz The Bahd Guy" is a combination of a name and an acronym. "Falz" is just a short form of his last name "Falana" and "BAHD" simply means Brilliant and Highly Distinct. Talk about furring one's creativity.

4. Falz has a unique genre for his kind of music. He calls it the "Wazup Music " genre – whatever that means. Lol! The fusion of faux Yoruba language (with an accent), English comical rap lines and creatively delivering your message without losing your audience; according to Falz is the "Wazup Music ".

5. The rapper insists he's NOT a comedian regardless of his numerous funny "Ello Bae" skits on Facebook and Instagram.

6. Falz has a clothing line and the name is "Ello Bae". After his hit single "Ello Bae" in 2014, Falz started the "Ello Bae" clothing line which didn't do badly in the clothing market.

7. Unlike some other father-son influence, Falz's decision to study law was solely his own and not because his father was a lawyer or was popular. He had an interest for law and it didn't take too much effort convincing his dad about it.

8. He is an undisclosed relationship. Falz has been very successful so far in keeping his privacy private. Guesses can only be made about who he's really in a relationship with. He was rumoured to be dating one of Wizkid's exes and he sure has a soft spot for Simi "Jamb Question " but no one can say for sure who the rapper's partner is.

9. Just like many other artiste Falz was in a boy band while in secondary school in 2009. They went by the name "The School Boys " and they took the music serious since he released some compilation of their recordings titled "Shakara: The Mixtape ".

10. Falz is indeed a certified Lawyer. He studied law at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom. He moved back to Nigeria to attend Nigerian Law School Abuja and was called to bar in February 2012.

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