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Simple Way to Get Upto #10,000 Airtime on Any Network in 9ja Free ofCharge


Topic: Simple Way to Get Upto #10,000 Airtime on Any Network in 9ja Free of Charge 

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COBOCO'S POST-    To get the airtime on your sim regardless of the network you are using,

You will have to follow some steps.

Therefore , trick yourself like a man and be ready to do the easy and simple tasks.

I’ve been enjoying it since two weeks ago before I decide to share after confirming the originality.

NOTE : This is not a CHEAT and it won’t cause any back fire to your sim.

Now, the tutorial;

1. Get an android or iPhone

2. Go to play store and search for “GEOPOLL”

3.Download it

4.Launch the app

5.Answer all the questions in the survey

Note that , you will be given only #25 in the first and second survey
You will then start any #50 and above in the subsequent surveys.

Note that you can’t credit your line with the money if you don’t accumulate up to #100.

Immediately you install the app and launch it, you will fill fill form on the app and in the course you will put the line you want.
You can as well change the sim anytime you wish.

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