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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Dog named Buhari: Owner speaks on what Northerners did

– Dog named Buhari generated so much talk among Nigerians

– Chinakwe, dog owner says he did what he did for the love he has for President Buhari– 40-year-old says Northerners in his community knew about the death of his dog.
About two days ago, Chinakwe, a trader in Ogun state was arrested for naming his dog after President Buhari.Joe Fortemose Chinakwe, a trader by profession said he was chilling out with his family when one of his neighbours from Niger Republic questioned him and wanted answers from him why he called his dog Buhari. “I named my dog Buhari because of my love for the president”. The 40-year-old trader said the result of the questions by his neighbours made him to thrown behind bars at Eleweran police headquarters in Ogun state. The man regained his freedom due to the quick intervention of both the Serikin Hausa and president-general of non-indigenes in the state.According to Vanguard the man narrated all what actually happened regarding the whole incident.He stated:“I am Joe Fortemose Chinakwe from Okwuzu in Aniocha L.G.A, Delta state.I trade on second hand clothes popularly known as Okrika. I have a dog for the past one year. I named the dog Bully after buying it because it is very strong and moves fast. I have been living here since 2001. I reside in a place called Petere in Sango here. I love the dog so much that’s why I renamed it Buhari.”Joe Fortemose Chinakwe, 40-year-old trader. When asked why he named his dog after the president’s name, he said:“I named it Buhari because I found out that the dog is strong. After buying the dog, I named it Bully because of the way it behaved. I decided to change it to Buhari because Buhari, being a military man,the same time, coming back for the second time as a civilian President, he stands on his word. That is how my dog stands on his actions. So, I love the name so much and as such decided to give it to my dog. I was very surprised how a foreigner who lives around here came and said his father’s name was Alhaji Buhari. I have no business with and he went ahead to tell the police. They came tome that night and I was arrested.” He mentioned the day the issue happened.“That was on Saturday, August 13 at exactly 8,30pm. They got me arrested and our neighbours pleaded on my behalf but they insisted on taking me to the station. People were questioning the policeman why I should be arrested over such a trivial issue and gave examples of dogs in the vicinity that bear names of influential and powerful people like Obama, Clinton etc but, the policeman decided to take law into his hand and arrested me. Even my senior brother has a dog named Obama. One young man called Sunday was also arrested for questioning the police man who was later identified as Sergeant Musa, attached to Sango Police station. When we got to the station, he told me to bring the dog along. I agreed and went to bring the dog. Before I could get home, the Northern community in our area ganged up and killed my dog.”

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