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Monday, 18 January 2016

Lyrics: Hustle by tjsarx [lyrics]

Tjsarx finally dropped the lyrics of his latest hit #HUSTLE

Read below

New hustle lyrics

Intro; Superstar tjsarx

Struggle done dey go
Hustle don expire

Chorus:Your hustle go expire
E go soon end
His always by your side
His always by your side 2x

Shay dem guys been no dey lookee your way
Dem been dey talk say you no go see today
So let d lyt inside you shine so bright
If you believe my friend you go touch d sky
No be lie

Oya jubilate
Godee don help u so celebrate
Enemies dem been dey under rate
But Godee don strt to dey elevate
Celebrate 2x

Shay dem guys way no dey look ur way
Don dey cover deir face
Remember d time way u dey squat e for
Aunty Janet 7x



Verse 3:

My brother you'll go higher higher
I tell u bro the devils a liar
Don't give up and don't get tired
Hopefully one day Ull get hired
Omo men den na you go dey fire
Den Ull be sure dat ur God is Messiah
Your hustle go expire

Everything dey turn around
Blessings dey come around 3x
Everything dey turn around....



Oya dance
Oya shake it 4x

Stevjazz on d beat

Superstar tjsarx

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