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Thursday, 5 November 2015

How to browse unlimitedly with the new updated simple server

How to set Ur  android to browse with simple server unlimited browsing on MTN
Goto Ur settings panel,
Look for mobile networks and select
Then scroll to access points settings
Choose mtn
Create a new APN by pressing Ur option key
Name: mtn ss fr e.g
Port 8080
User and password web
APN type default then save
And select Ur new APN as default

Many of u might know simple server but for d benefit of those just hearing it its tunneller apk that can bypass network for u to browse wit bb sub on android unlimited

The simple server

in D's tutorial is not d one u know
Download the new one Here
D's one can be shared by hotspot for root privileged phones
Watch the video to learn how to set it and ure good to go.
Browse and download the ner to Ur phone
download tutorial video here


  1. […] I discovered this wen I urgently needed to login Facebook and I had no money on me so I decided since I have remaining 40mb to try D’s If u HV simple server already configured to Ur bblited or bbmidid den ure good to go if u don’t click HERE            […]