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Monday, 12 October 2015

1st Day at rap class ....


A rapper is a poet with a beat. To rap is to spit, and
a rapper spits syncopated words that tell stories,
show off, and teach. A rapper is also an emcee, and
an emcee moves the crowd. Whether he’s rocking a
basement party in the Bronx or controlling the mic
for thousands of screaming fans at the Superdome,
he uses his infectious rhymes to connect with his
audience. A rapper is also a lyricist, and a lyricist
plays with words. A lyricist crafts complex rhymes full
of metaphor, alliteration, in-rhyme, assonance and
enough wordplay to make a crossword puzzle dizzy.
He flows with stylish ease, dropping knowledge on the
beat, behind the beat, or in the pocket, right where he
wants to. A rapper is all of these things.
Hip-hop music has come a long way in the past 30
years. From back rooms and block parties in South
Bronx in the late seventies to the Golden Age in the late
eighties through gangsta rap in the nineties to today,
where you can hear emcees rapping all over the world
in dozens of languages. In Poland and Italy, in China
and Korea, in India and Ghana, in Peru and Columbia,
a whole generation has adopted hip-hop as their own.
They’re not just listening; they’re writing rhymes too.

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