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I Once Thought I Won’t Be Faithful To Annie—2Face Idibia

In 2013, Innocent '2Face' Idibia got married to his sweetheart of many years,


Annie Macaulay. Prior to this, he has had a couple of children from different women. Many never thought the ‘African Queen’ crooner would settle for Annie as his wife,but on February 14, 2012, the singer proposed marriage to the actress, which surprised many. In an interview with NET, 2Face explained why he surrendered his heart for Annie.“I’m not surprised. Honestly, because back in the days, it had come across my mind one or two times to propose to her but somehow it got to this point where I was like I’m not going to get married. Even before I started having kids, I had already said I’m not going to get married'.“Before then, there’s been one or two times where I almost proposed to Annie. But I just said no, no, no because I just thought I wasn’t going to be faithful, I wasn’t going to be good enough. I had always thought I wasn’t going to be the best man for any woman so because of that, I just thought I’m not going to get married; I’m just going to live my life.”

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