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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Iyanya speaks about YUDALA true meaning!!!

Since the r the track ‘Yudala’ recorded by Made Men Music Group (MMMG) main act Iyanya, last mo


nth, the track has enjoyed rave reviews from critics and music enthusiasts as well as growing airplay on conventional and other media. In this interview, Iyanya reveals the inspiration behind the song as well as the meaning of the word –Yudala.

QUESTION: You have quickly followed up the audio release with the video of Yudala which has enjoyed positive reviews. What’s the inspiration behind Yudala?

ANSWER: Yudala is a goodwill song. It is a message of hope to Nigerians and the world at large. You will notice that the release of the song was a strategic one for us as it coincided with the successful conclusion of the 2015 elections in Nigeria.
The song appeals to the renewed hope in the new atmosphere of change in our socio-political experience as a nation. In fact, Yudala took the better part of nine months from conceptualization, selection of the featured artistes, recording and eventual release as everything had to be perfect. You mentioned the quality of the video and I’m sure you must have noticed how unique it is. Yudala is a song of hope, a song of prosperity, one of peace and best wishes.

QUESTION: Can you explain the meaning and origin of the
word – Yudala?

ANSWER: Yudala is a universal language; it is not specific to any ethnic region or locality. Yudala is the new cool.
It is a new mode of expressing felicitations. As my manager Ubi Franklin has noted, you won’t be out of place if you welcome your colleague in the office with Yudala. Very soon, Yudala will be the word children will greet their parents with in the morning. Yudala stands for respect, best wishes, peace of mind, prosperity. Who wouldn’t want such universal virtues?

QUESTION: If Yudala is a universal language, how do you explain the use of local languages and bold display of Nigerian culture in the video?

ANSWER: Charity, as they say, begins at home. Yudala is first and foremost a goodwill song which has the Nigerian experience as its primary focus. Secondly, it is a song with universal appeal in light of the virtues being espoused in the song. If you understand all three languages used, you will observe that the qualities Yudala represents were mentioned in Ibo, Yoruba and Hausa languages in the song.
Furthermore, the song was an opportunity to show off our rich cultural heritage as a nation through the dresses, dance style and appearances of the characters in the video. It is a song for all people and a song for all seasons.

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